Omega 3 Fish Oil For Dogs - Skin & Coat Supplement - 180 Caps (1000mg)

NuLife Natural Pet Health

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  • Sourced From Wild Fish Stocks
  • Relieves Skin Allergies, Dry Skin, Shedding & Hot Spots
  • Human Grade Quality, Mercury & Toxin Free
  • Odorless, With No Fishy Smells
  • 100% Pure & Natural

Helps Your Pet Stay in Great Shape

The natural DHA and EPA rich fatty acids found in our premium omega 3 fish oil for dogs has been shown to improve and maintain overall health by reducing inflammation for hip & joint arthritis pain, increase mobility, support heart & brain function and boost the immune system to keep your furbaby feeling lively and active every day.

For a Beautifully Soft Shiny Coat

Our fish oil pills for dogs have a number of wonderful benefits for your canine friend. They’re packed full of omega 3 6 9 fatty acids (300mg per capsule) plus vitamins A, D, E which keeps their skin and coat healthy and helps reduce dander, skin allergies, dry itchy & flaky skin, hot spots & dog shedding.

100% Pure & Natural

Our omega 3 dog supplement is made from wild caught sardines, herring, mackerel & anchovies from the crystal clean waters of Iceland using sustainable and responsible fishing methods. It contains no rosemary extract, additives or preservatives, just 100% of the purest, most potent pet fish oil on the market, ready to help improve your pets health.

Low Odor & Mess-Free

For pet parents looking for an alternative to messy liquids or soft chews, our hassle-free softgel capsules can be given as a daily treat or easily squeezed over your dogs wet or dry food. Without the strong fishy smell of other inferior fish oil supplements for dogs, you’ll find small, medium, and large breeds of all ages from puppy to seniors, simply can’t get enough of the rich nutritious taste of our dog omega 3 fish oil.

Quality You Can Trust

Our fish capsules for dogs are human grade quality, NON GMO, mercury free and molecularly distilled for purity to remove all toxins and heavy metals, made in the USA in a GMP certified facility. We make every effort to improve the health and happiness of every pooch, so if for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with our product, simply let us know and we’ll refund your purchase, hassle-free.


Q. What is the EPA & DHA amounts in each capsule?
A. There are 105mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. 44mg EPA & 46mg DHA.

Q. What other minerals & vitamins does our oil contain?
A. The oil contains Vitamin D, Vitamin E & astaxanthin which is an antioxidant which makes fish oil work better.

Q. Is it okay for my dog to chew the capsule?
A. Absolutely. You can place these in your dogs food or they can be given as a treat.
You can also pierce the gel caps and squeeze the oil over their food.

Q. How many capsules for a 70lbs dog?
A. The dosage for a dog of this size should be 4 capsules per day.

Q. Does the oil contain Omega 6?
A. No. There should be no need to supplement a pets diet with Omega 6. There should be enough Omega 6 in a pet's food. Too much Omega 6 can be harmful.

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